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PEPPOL certificate validation

Select the file which contains the X.509 certificate to validate with the Sunnystamp's PEPPOL XKMS Responder.

Certificate to validate:

This form allows the validation of a certificate in the context of the PEPPOL project: Pan European Public Procurement OnLine.
The validation server implements the XKMS protocol.
The certificate, in X.509 format, must be provided in DER format.
The certificate's validation is performed with respect to the server's date and time.

The certificates which are validated by the server must be delivered by a certificate authority which belongs to the following repositories:
  • French TSL;
  • PRIS V1 (until May 18, 2013 included);
  • RGS;
  • Repositories maintained by the other validation servers of the PEPPOL public registry, as listed in the PPRS TSL.

The validation server's response is presented in two ways:
  • summarized in textual form;
  • detailed in an XML file which can be downloaded by clicking on an hyperlink.

If you wish to call this service from a particular program, please contact us by sending an email to (substitute -at- by @).

Warning: as of May 19, 2013, if a PRIS V1 certificate is validated, then the service returns an error message stating "Could not find the issuer of the certificate or CA not recognized".

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